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HTC Hero vs. Samsung Moment: initial thoughts

I just had a chance to play with both phones side-by-side, and here’s my take:

I was dead set on buying the Moment because of the faster processor, hardware keyboard, and AMOLED screen. I’m not so certain anymore.

The keyboard was nice, but not fantastic. Coming from a Q9h, the layout is slightly different. Dedicated function key for smilies? Really? The slide mechanism seemed decent, but already a bit loose. Having used a Samsung slider before, I’m baised against them.

The error correction on the Hero seems much better than vanilla Android, at least on a “quick brown fox” test.

I was expecting the screen to blow me away, and it really didn’t. I played a couple videos on both phones and honestly much of the time I preferred the Hero. The colors seemed more vivid.

Processing power: 800MHz… that’s 2 times the power of the first computer that I had. And the phone still lagged. What?!

Call quality: I called home and my dad said both were equally ok. The earpiece on the Moment is signifincantly louder.

LED alerts… I can’t believe the Moment doesn’t have them! What good is a battery-saving screen if I have to turn the phone on whenever I am away.

Those of you who have used both phones or are trying to decide between the two – post your opinions!


30 minutes with the Sprint HTC Hero

Sprint HTC Hero

Sprint HTC Hero

The wonderful people at the Glendale Sprint store had a working demo unit available today, so I got the chance to try it out for about 30 minutes uninterrupted.


  • The phone had a good, solid feel.  Construction is well-done and there is no appreciable squeaking between the parts of the body.  It took me a couple minute to get used to the 4-button panel on the bottom, but it became easy enough.


  • The screen is gorgeous, but I suppose that’s expected in a post-iPhone era.  No complaints at all.


  • Here I was somewhat disappointed.  There was an appreciable lag when performing just about any action that required a tap.  In-and-of-itself that’s ok by me, but the interface was not expecting such a lag.  For example, when tapping to launch an application, the icon would briefly highlight, and some seconds later the app would launch.  I would expect the highlight to remain, or maybe an hourglass or something, to tell me that the phone is processing my command.
  • Scrolling horizontally and vertically is just fine, so it looks like HTC worked that out.


  • The keyboard is actually better than I had expected, but worse than I’d like it to be.  I have relatively, but not overly, large fingers, and I wasn’t making a ton of mistakes.  Much better than iPhone’s first version.  Sadly, there is a split-second delay between the keypress and the letter selection, which makes for difficult long messages.  There is haptic feedback, which I thought was just the right strength.

Web browser

  • When it finished chugging, the display was nice, but it took far too long to process.  Compared to a WinMo phone it was fast and accurate, but compared to current standards, it falls short.  Zooming is also herky-jerky.

Conclusion:  I think I’m going to wait for the Samsung Moment.  Its processor is about 25ish% faster, and it’s a straight Android ROM.  While HTC did a fantastic job with the eye-candy, I really do think the hardware is not up to the task.  Oh yeah, and it’s got a hardware keyboard.