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Pentile – the downfall of Galaxy S?

I’ve been trying to decide for months now whether I want to get the HTC Evo or Samsung Epic. One of the biggest factors, the screen, is carrying me in the opposite way from what most would expect.  The Epic’s screen is being described as: “knockout”1, “Colors are as crisp as can be” 2, and “most important characteristics”3.  One really has to research more deeply before this term comes up: “Pentile”.

The rest of this editorial is a rehashing and commentary on the Ars Technica article on the topic.

If you examine the Evo and Epic screens side-by-side, particularly displaying text, you might notice that the Evo looks a little better.  The lines are straight and sharper; the Epic has an odd fuzziness at the edges.  It’s almost like you’re looking at one shadow-mask screen and the other one aperture-grille (I know it’s not a great comparison because of pixel technology, but it’s the best visualization I can come up with).

It turns out that while the Evo’s screen is made of the standard array RGB pixels, the Epic’s screen is made of an array of pixels, alternating between a double-width red with green and double-width blue with green.  What this comes down to is that some colors can’t be achieved within just one pixel and have to use two.  This is why letters don’t look as sharp.

So, while the Epic’s screen is great for playing games and watching movies.  For text-based activities, I think the Evo’s is the better screen.