Sprint Evo: first impressions

I had a chance to briefly go one-on-one with the Evo. Here is what I learned:

– 4.3 inches (diagonally) is a lot of real estate. The phone nearly filled my field of vision.

– The phone is big. Too big to type with one finger, even when held vertically. However, I did a bit of two-handed typing in portrait mode and it was very pleasant. I’ve never been a landscape typer, so this was a neat find.

– The Evo is speedier than the Hero, obviously due to the processor and memory bump. Sadly, that doesn’t hold when actively using and switching between applications. In particular, I found that two of my pain points on the Hero – dialing and texting – are still painfully slow on the Evo. Much faster but not nearly instant like they should be. The dialer lag on HTC’s Sense interface is the primary reason I want a vanilla Android device.

– On the other hand, some activities that used to slow the Hero to a halt, like using Google Navigation, are now nice and speedy.

That’s all for now. If I get the Evo I’ll post a more thorough review.


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