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Samsung Moment: Meh.

I’m 5 days into the Moment, and I’m underwhelmed, such that I’m already considering going to its cousin, the Hero.  Here’s why:

It’s tinny.  The sound that is.  Most reviews mention it, and they are completely correct.  It almost sounds good, but there is distortion that won’t go away.

The capacitive buttons are neat, but maybe 25% of my button presses are quickly followed by another button press because there is no indication that anything happened.  In some application, for example, the menu button doesn’t do anything, and the only way to know that is that nothing happens when you hit the menu button.

Slider quality: it’s been less than a week and it’s ready starting to wobble.  It’s not that bad right now, but I can see where it’s going.

Speaking of slider, the keyboard… I’m kinda-sorta getting used to the layout, but I’m hitting B rather than Space far too often.  And the biggie here: there is sometimes a HUGE lag between a keyboard press and the character on the screen… the entire point of the hardware keyboard is that you are slower than the OS.  This is really disappointing.

Speaking of input devices, I think I’ve decided that I don’t like the optical mouse.  It’s calibrated differently in different applications; some places a gently scroll goes 3 lines, in other places, 3 pages.  Also, the mouse has the same lag as the keyboard, which makes typo correction a real pain in the butt.

And finally, as of this posting, HTC has annouced that they will eventually release an update to 2.0.  Samsung has not done the same.

Am I going to switch devices?  Right now I’m around 50-50.  HTC just yesterday released a patch that fixes some of they more showstopping bugs, so I’ll see how that pans out.

For those of you using a Moment, how do you think it measures up?


Hero or Moment: Lesser of Two Evils?

As you probably know, I have been lusting over Sprint Android phones for about four months now.  So why haven’t I gotten one yet?  After all, the Hero’s been out since mid October, and the Moment’s been out for nearly two weeks now.

If you read my previous post, you know that there are pros and cons to each phone.  However, according to various forums, including and Sprint’s own Buzz About Wireless, it looks like both devices were rushed to market, probably to compete with Verizon’s Droid.  Here are some of the problems that have been discussed ad nauseum:



According to Sprint, a patch for the Hero is in the works, and for the Moment in talks, so we’ll see what happens in the next few weeks.

An interesting post-script: because I’ve been wanting to get an Android phone, I put up a poll on SprintUsers (  Of the people who responded (duh), more than twice got the Hero as the Moment, but about 10% of Hero users are dissatisfied, compared to less than 1% of Moment users.  The sample size is 61 as of this posting, so make of it what you will.

HTC Hero vs. Samsung Moment: initial thoughts

I just had a chance to play with both phones side-by-side, and here’s my take:

I was dead set on buying the Moment because of the faster processor, hardware keyboard, and AMOLED screen. I’m not so certain anymore.

The keyboard was nice, but not fantastic. Coming from a Q9h, the layout is slightly different. Dedicated function key for smilies? Really? The slide mechanism seemed decent, but already a bit loose. Having used a Samsung slider before, I’m baised against them.

The error correction on the Hero seems much better than vanilla Android, at least on a “quick brown fox” test.

I was expecting the screen to blow me away, and it really didn’t. I played a couple videos on both phones and honestly much of the time I preferred the Hero. The colors seemed more vivid.

Processing power: 800MHz… that’s 2 times the power of the first computer that I had. And the phone still lagged. What?!

Call quality: I called home and my dad said both were equally ok. The earpiece on the Moment is signifincantly louder.

LED alerts… I can’t believe the Moment doesn’t have them! What good is a battery-saving screen if I have to turn the phone on whenever I am away.

Those of you who have used both phones or are trying to decide between the two – post your opinions!