One last chance, AT&T… Moto Q9h

So I’ve been with AT&T for about 2 years now, having switched from Sprint for the original iPhone.  I switched knowing that call quality was not going to be as good; that’s just a fact of CDMA vs. GSM.  I took it in stride at first – the choppy sentences, the robotic voices.  But enough is enough: since I’ve been using the Blackjack 2, I’ve gotten more complaints about choppy calls than I remember with any other handset.

So, I’m giving AT&T one last try, with the Motorola Q9h.  Moto is one of the ancient kings of RF, right alongside Nokia and RIM (Blackberry).  If the Q9h can’t consistently deliver quality calls, I won’t have any other options left.

The funny thing is that Sprint’s rumored 4G network will be LTE, which is a GSM-based technology.  But that won’t come for at least 2 more years, and I need to make calls now.


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